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Interesting fact: BORBET started the A wheel production 1987 and it's design is well known also in Estonia.

BORBET A fits following vehicles: BMW30 ja Golf I, II, III and other oldschool polt patern 4 x 100 vehicles. See in the notified body report for fitting your VW SIIT  .

When ordering undrilled wheel (BORBET will drill the wheel up on request) please specify your model and make.

Undrilled A wheel size 7,5x16 ET20 can be ordered with following polt patterns: 4x100;  5x112;  5x120;  5x130
Undrilled A wheel size 9x16 ET15 can be ordered with following polt patterns: 4x100;  4x108;  5x100;  5x112;  5x120.

Other than the mentioned polt patterns BORBET does not provide, also BORBET will not provide undrilled wheels for safety reasons.


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BORBET AE is the most aerodynamic wheel available in their wheel range.

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